MA Absentee Ballots
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When are Massachusetts absentee ballots sent out?

I've received ballots for primaries this year, but I haven't yet received the current one. The election is only a little more than three weeks away, so I'm a little worried I won't receive it with enough time left to return the ballot.
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I filed my paperwork for MD more than two months ago. I just received my absentee ballot yesterday. Before that: I never got a postcard confirming I was registered; and I called my county Board of Elections and they said they could not find my name on the rolls.

BTW, I'm in England.

I think the boards of election are really overwhelmed this year; there's been a big increase in the number of absentee requests.
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I'm in Mass, ar0n, and I'll be on a business trip Nov. 2. So I called my town clerk who said the absentee ballots were going out next week. I didn't know this, but you can vote ahead of the election by going into the town clerk's office and voting absentee, so I'm going to go in next week and vote three weeks early.

But, I'd call your town clerk to make sure.
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