Do there exist any combination USB turntables/tape decks?
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Do there exist any combination USB turntables/tape decks?

I'd like to get my father a USB turntable and tape deck for Christmas, ideally in one machine (I seem to only be able to find them in separate machines). I would just get a vinyl and cassette ripper, but my parents don't have a working tape deck to connect one to. Does this chimera exist? There are mix tapes that need to be archived for posterity!
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You don't say whether they have a working record player or not, but it certainly would be pretty cheap to get this gadget and a tape player.
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I fitted one of these to an old Windows box. Works well enough and looks retro hilarious.

That only answers the cassette side of things though.

I've seen ads for these but have no personal experience - and they're damn pricey.
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I've seen USB turntables, but never combo USB turntable/tapedecks. Anyhow, you'll get better quality (and it might be cheaper too) if you buy separates. Look for a USB sound card (if you computer doesn't already have audio-in), then buy a used turntable and tape deck from eBay or Craigslist.

For USB sound cards, look at something like:

* Creative Labs X-Fi USB (around $50)
* E-MU 0202 USB (around $90)

If you're not on a laptop, internal sound cards will be cheaper.
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For posterity: we went the separate machines route. Thanks all!
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