How To Find Swing Controls for Slideware?
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I'm trying to find some Swing/AWT gui controls for WYSIWYG slide layout authoring. What kind of search terms will help me find these (if, of course, they exist at all)?

I'm implementing a subset of PowerPoint's functionality (could also call it inDesign's functionality, or Publisher's functionality, whatever) -- I need a "canvas" onto which I can place and modify text boxes, image boxes, etc. It's important that they be draggable, rescalable, etc. Unfortunately all the search terms I can think of return a lot of noise and not too much signal -- anything with the term "slide," "slideware," "powerpoint" etc, returns far more presentations about java than tools for making presentations in Java.
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Are you looking for something like JDesktopPane? You can then use LayeredPanes and Internal Frames for this sort of thing.

Otherwise, it sounds like you might want a Canvas with drag-and-drop capabilities.
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