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Can I open/run any old program I want from within Xbox media center (on my mac mini)?

I have an Intel Mac Mini with Plex installed. I want to put this computer in my car and run a piece of GPS software (RouteBuddy). Can I launch and run this piece of software from within Plex? Is this possible with any variation of the Xbox media center? Do you have any other suggestions? I have not been using Plex for very long, but it is nice looking and that is something I am after when trying to run the Mini in my car.
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The front page of the Plex website says yes.
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...feels stupid... thanks....

Does anyone have any insight: Am I able to keep that application in a "plex window," or am I forced to fully switch to the
other application while it is running.

I don't really want to close plex while I run routebuddy, I just want to have them nested (if that is the right term).
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