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Do any of you D.A.R.E. graduates remember the "music video" produced by (I think) a D.A.R.E. officers' band, which wrote and performed this awful song (the first one listed there)? I saw it about 16 years ago. Where can I find it online?

The video was really, incredibly bad and hilarious--though of course when I was eight I found it DEEPLY MOVING. I'm looking for it on YouTube or the like as evidence--any idea where I might find it?
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Thanks for getting that stuck in my head. We watched that video in 6th grade. I have no idea where a copy might be. They also had a song that was similar to Bobby Brown's My Prerogative (oh the irony) I'll be watching this post.


Dare... Daaaaaare to keep a kid off drugs
Daaare to keep a kid off dope...

I guess the "broken record" method really does work because I still remember this song after 20years. I used the "cold shoulder" and "avoidance" moves myself. Maybe if I had broken out in song I would have been more successful at resisting the temptation.

Anyone else heard of Project Charlie (another drug program for kids?)
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Can't find the video, but apparently the band was called COP'RZ and was composed of brave officers from Dayton, Ohio.
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I don't have that version of it, but MeMail me if you'd like to see a fifth grade performance of that song from any of the last four years - I'm the video director at a theater where the local DARE graduation is held.

My personal favorite of each year, however, is the dramatic drug story told to the soundtrack of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler (the full 7 minute album version, mind you). It consists of a group of kids pantomiming their individual fall to harder and harder drugs, represented by circles of kids in Grim Reaper outfits with signs that say "Alcohol", "Marijuana", and "Cocaine". The glory of watching this interpretive narrative for almost 8 minutes cannot be overstated. I think I'll YouTube that puppy tonight.
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Oh My God. I don't know where to find this, but I seriously think about this song/video at least once every 3 months or so. Thanks for the question - I'll be watching this thread with great interest.
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