J'ai une chaise longue et poussiéreux.
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How to care for an LC4 chaise longue?

I recently picked up a used reproduction black leather Le Corbusier LC4 chaise longue made by Cassina. It is pretty dusty (particularly on the black support frame), and the leather doesn't have much luster. The whole thing could use some sprucing up: the leather, the black support, and the chrome frame.

Does anyone have any idea how to clean something like this? An earlier askme suggested diluted dish soap for leather, which doesn't seem right to me. The guy who sold me the chair also to me said that Windex etc. does damage to the chrome. I have no idea what to do about the black painted base.

Any ideas?
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Cassina doesn't seem to have any material care information on their English language website, but you might want to check what manufacturers like Knoll or Herman Miller have to say. For example, google for "herman miller leather care". I found a couple of PDF's with some information. Knoll says about chrome: "clean with Windex or an automotive chrome cleaner such as semi-chrome twice a month. Apply a coat ofhard paste wax to protect against moisture." Looks like soap and water is pretty much the answer for leather. Good luck.
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