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At the end of the most recent episode of The Wire (episode 28- dead soldiers), what was the song they sang at the wake?
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According the Wire boards on the HBO website, it was "The Body of an American" by the Pogues.
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As a vague followup, do those Irish/cop bars we see in movies and TV actually exist? I've been drinking in Boston for years and have never seen a corpse on the pool table, a squad cheering the spunky young detective who just got bumped up to homicide, or a gaggle of grizzled gumshoes drowning their sorrows in hooch.
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It was most definitely The Pogues, and by the sounds of it one from their mid 80's hey day. Gotta love The Pogues.
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I've been drinking in Boston for years.

I seem to remember a bar in the South End, owned by the same people as Foley's downtown, that was a real-life cop bar.
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That scene was ridiculous. If Robert F. Colesbury was still alive that scene would have been cut, or at least they would have been singing "Danny Boy" like you're supposed to at these things. Real Irish and/or Cops don't sing the Pogues, not unless you are also a current/former alt-rocker type under the age of 40.
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