Movie with one swear word just for the R rating?
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MovieFilter: I remember a movie that contained only one swear word, and the characters make reference to the MPAA rules that forces an R rating. What's that movie?

I unfortunately don't remember anything else about the movie, just that it's fairly clean, language-wise, and then two main characters are discussing movie ratings and how unfair they are. Then one of them says "Blah Blah Blah F-word Blah Blah that's all that they need to do to get an R Rating." Or something like that. Anyone have any hints?
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Student Bodies?

Look towards the bottom of the quote list, the quote from "Announcer". IMDB quote search came up with that.
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Be Cool?

"In the beginning of the film, Chili mentions how a film needs to only use the "F" word more than once in order to get an R rating. He then uses the "F" word - the only use of it in the film - and thus, it gets a PG-13 rating."
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I think iconomy's got it. I actually saw the film in the theater and thought that one little bit may have been the only decent part of the movie. (Terrible sequel, by the way. If you get James Woods for your movie and the only thing you can think to do is kill him off in the first five minutes, you don't deserve James Woods in your movie.)
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It's not This film is not yet rated, is it? (Excellent documentary about MPAA ratings.)
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I believe that one of the movies in the Groove Tube, Kentucky Fried Movie, Amazon Women on the Moon series had a scene where a newsman-like narrator said "Studies have revealed that movies with R Ratings tend to earn 50% more at the box office. The producers of this film would like to take this opportunity to say F____ you.", followed by a jump-cut to the "This film has been rated R by the MPAA" slide that used to be shown before R-Rated movies.

Is that the scene you're thinking of?
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Oh, nevermind. ElDiabloConQueso's link to Student Bodies has the "Announcer" scene I was thinking of. Should've clicked on some links while previewing.
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I'm betting its Be Cool. iconomy has the line.
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There's a similar scene in Murder by Death. About half-way through the film, there's an intermission where the producer or studio president addresses the audience and explains that R-rated films have a higher average gross at the box office, and the only sure way to earn an R-rating is for the film to contain nudity or profanity. Then he looks at the camera and says, "so... fuck."
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I'm thinking it's Be Cool, as mentioned by iconomy. I don't explicitly remember seeing the movie, but the scene description matches my memory nearly perfectly.

Thanks all!
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