NYE London pub location desired please
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London New Year's Eve Pub Fun Help Please!

I think it would be rather fun to have friends and friends of friends meet in a good pub in London for NYE, but not being a Londoner need some advice on possible venues, as no one else is getting round to organising. Ideal would be zones 1 or 2, possibility of dancing, largeish, fun pub rather than smart bar. Non-ideal ideas welcome. Group of 20+ all late 20s/early 30s, still likes to binge drink and act like merry fools. Thank you!
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Not to be a prime Davey Answers-With-A-Link, but fancyapint.com has pretty sensible ratings for which are good pubs, and you can search by location.

Be aware - the whole city will be heaving. If you've got a house in London you can use, it might be less queuey for drinks/squashy against the wall/blaring music-y/high prices-y to have a houseparty shindig. But then again, some people love the atmosphere of all that stuff.

If you want to get 20 of you into a bar you'd better get wherever you're going early to guarantee you can all get into the same place if you want central London.

I'd maybe recommend a Sam Smith pub - beers are unusual and incredibly cheap for the areas (there are a few in Soho).
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