Can I SLI my video cards without the original bridge?
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Where can I get an SLI bridge to connect two nVidia GeForce 7600 GTs?

My schweet box (tm) has an Asus P5B Deluxe that I got a year and a half ago. It runs great, but unfortunately the motherboard package did not include the necessary SLI bridge. I contacted ASUS and they were completely unhelpful. I know I've let this sit a long time, but is there a way I can purchase a compatible SLI bridge for my motherboard/video cards, and how much am I looking at spending? Will I get a performance boost for Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead?
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Best answer: That's an Intel chipset motherboard, which cannot support nvidia SLI - Only ATI Crossfire. The X58 chipset is remarkable as it's the first non-nvidia chipset that supports SLI.
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Best answer: Yeah, no SLI support for that board. Speaking as someone who ran two 7600 GTs in SLI, you're not missing that much. Maybe about a 20% bump in performance. A single 8800 gt card will destroy a 7600 SLI setup.

So, pickup a cheap 8800 or cross over to the dark side and go with not one, but two lousy ATI cards.
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Best answer: From what I recall, you can use modded drivers to enable SLI support on "any board" with older nVidia cards (like the 7xxx series you mentioned).

particularly this post for the driver:

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Seconding wfrgms. I cant think of any time a SLI setup is warranted, especially with yesterday's technology. Real world performance is something like a 20% increase. You'll get a huge performance increase by moving up to a cheapo 7900 or mid-range 8800GT. Newegg has an 8800GT for 149.99 right now. You can get a used 7900GS for half that on ebay.
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