Where can I get The Man hot sauce from Seattle if I'm not in Seattle?
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Where can I get The Man hot sauce online?

I have just had a flash of brilliance that if I could get some of The Man hot sauce from Dixie's BBQ in Bellevue, WA shipped to me on the East Coast, it would be a perfect Christmas present for a loved one. Their web site doesn't seem to have any for sale and I don't even know if you can get it bottled. I've emailed the address given on the website to see if it can be bought, but no answer yet.

Has anyone been there who could tell me whether it's even possible to buy it bottled? If so, do you know of somewhere I can order it online? It would be useful even to know if it's possible to buy at the restaurant, so I might be able to track down a friend in Seattle willing to buy and ship some to me.

Anonymous due to the potential giftee reading this site.
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Here's the number: (425)828-2460

Considering that it appears to be a small, family owned type joint (according to this article, I'd be willing to bet that you could talk them into mailing you some. Phones: people still use them ;)
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i cannot read about dixie's and The Man without saying "YEAH, BABY. YOU WANT SOME OF THE MAN? YOU LOOKIN AT THE MAN, BABY. YOU WANT A BIG SCOOP OR A LITTLE SCOOP" out loud.

now my cats are looking at me all funny.
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