Identify LCD panel
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Help me identify an Optrex 10 pin lcd panel/controller so I can program it.

I came across an lcd panel at a hardware store. It looks to be either 1 or 2 lines monochrome.

From the markings on it:
*Made by Optrex
*Serial number IM50240
*The chip on the back says: 3C4 7 HD44100H
*It has 10 pins

I've googled the serial numbers to no avail. Does anyone know where I can find the datasheet for this panel, or any other information about how to control/program it.

If needed, I can post pictures of it later.

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The HD44100 seems to be some sort of controller that works with the a very, very common HD44780 1- or 2-line text LCD controller. There are some datasheets here and there— I've only glanced at them, but my guess is that the interface will be some variation on the HD44780's.
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Best answer: A bit of googling led me here. I'm not sure if this link is still valid (it's behind a forum registration), but it looks like it should have information on what you're looking for:
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Best answer: Aha, it looks like your IM50240 is just the driver (HD44100) without the controller (HD44780) that the typical module has. Here's a discussion with a pinout. Looks like you'll need to clock pixel data in kind of like driving a video display.
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Best answer: The "HD44" means it's got to be a standard HD44780. 10 pins is weird as they usually have 16, but some quick Googling revealed this pinout for a 10 pin connection to an HD44780:

1: Gnd
2: VCC (5v)
3: Contrast (10k pot)
4: RS
5: R/W
6: E
7: DB4
8: DB5
9: DB6
10: DB7

Apparently you can only use it in "4 bit mode", thus the only 4 data lines. Frankly I wouldn't even bother with it. Standard, 16-pin HD44780 LCDs are like 8 or 9 bucks from Mouser.
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