Cheap but meaningful stuff in London?
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A friend of mine just got his first paycheck (£20) and he wants to get a small keepsake instead of just pissing it away. He's already got a Swiss Army knife, so any recommendations on a small tchotke he can get for about twenty quid? FWIW, he's in London, and has pretty much the widest range of interest ever, so go crazy.
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Stocks! Not a physical item, but since it's his first paycheck, I assume he's got a long life of money-earning potential ahead of him, and I like the statement that he'd be making by investing the first dimes he earned.
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Frame the paycheck as a memento. It might not mean much now, but it will be a good memento and conversation piece when he is established in his career and it's hanging in his office.
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Get a gold coin.
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He could buy pint glasses or a drink shaker to remember to throw more parties at home and drink at the pub less. Otoh, I'd say any such items should be purchased from a £1 store, for similar reasons, so maybe he should just visit the local pound stores & see what's available?
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Silver or titanium chip-fork, a lighter or a pair of cufflinks.
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I'd also go with a coin. He couldn't get much of a gold coin, if any, but a vintage coin (maybe from his year of birth) would be sweet. Or, a bunch of pound coins or notes from his year of birth which he can eventually pass on to kids and grandkids?
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He could consider something useful for something he's interested in, and that will last well. For example, if he's into cooking he could get a pretty good knife for £20 that would last for years. Or if he's of a more practical bent, a nice set of ball-end hex keys.

It may just be me, but I tend to put trinket type things away 'safely' and forget about them. I can tell you where my kitchen knife is, and where by hex key set is. The miniature calligraphy set my cousin brought back from Japan as a gift, not so much.
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A compass would be functional as well as carry with it the symbolism of charting a new course and finding his own path.
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Seconding Andy's Gross Wart, I say frame it. I had direct deposit for my first paycheck and I've always regretted not having something I could frame (the pay-stub we got instead just wasn't the same).
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I bought myself a watch for my first anniversary at my job and I really like having it. It's my first "adult-looking" watch (ie not digital, not made of plastic, not featuring Dr Seuss characters or a calculator) so I thought it was appropriate. Don't know how much watch you could buy for 20 pounds - but it's worth thinking about.
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Simple wooden flute. If his interests are that wide ranging that they include a little music making.
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Maybe he could get a bottle of port, and save it for the day he retires.
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With my very first "serious paycheck" I went out and bought a set of socket wrenches. My mother scoffed saying something like, " couldn't wait to spend it, huh?" About a zillion oil changes and God knows how many other odd jobs later, it's probably the best investment I've ever made.
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step one: hold up paycheck, have buddy take picture
step two: open savings account
step three: put future checks in said savings account
step four: profit!!
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A lighter.
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Ooh, yes, branching out from Kid Charlemagne's comment: a cool multi-tool; either a Gerber or a Leatherman's tool. Très useful.
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Save it up with next weeks pay packet and buy a weekly tube ticket :-)
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a zippo
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