Serenade the swimmer
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Can anyone recommend an FM radio suitable for swimming?

I have seen recommendations for some MP3 players (SwiMP3 etc.) for swimming. I would prefer a radio as the person I'm buying this for enjoys listening to the radio and doesn't enjoy updating her MP3 player.

I have seen a few swimmer's radios on the web, but it's hard to tell what's good. I'm looking for a recommendation from someone who has found a product that they like.
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It's not radio, but a guy at the pool swears by his swimman...could you perhaps, as a value add, set up automatic podcasts on your friend's computer, to plug into the swimman?

A lot of pools are pretty much encased in concrete and rebar, so you're going to have trouble with reception in a pool anyway.
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notsnot makes a good point, but you also need to consider the fact that radio waves don't travel very well though water.

Here's an interesting article about shortwave radio waves though water.

Typical FM frequencies are 1000x shortwave frequencies so the losses will be much worse.

Maybe if he had an external antenna sticking up out of the water he might get some reception. I think it would be cool if it looked like a shark fin.
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