Sound Recordings of People Talking (Not Reading, Not Plays, Not Lectures)?
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I am looking for sound recordings (preferably available online) of a person/persons talking. No reading, no poetry, no spoken word, no plays, no lectures. Just ordinary, everyday talking. Single person rambling preferred, but conversations are okay.
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I think you might enjoy the many podcastings (or voice-blogging) that keep popping around the Web these days : people talking instead of typing.
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You can browse the CHILDES database here. This is a database of children's language. Please read the ground rules before using any data.
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Depending on the purpose, either the "Please call Stella" Speech accent archive or English contrasted may be of interest. Another from New Zealand. There's another I can't find at the moment which had people from all over the UK talking about life Back In The Day. That was entirely rambling. I am pretty sure it was linked from Metafilter, and think it might have been on NPR.
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There are a bunch of databases here.
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Another thing you might try is the audio archives over at
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If you go to my page, audible frequency and do a search for talking a bunch of posts pop up and each has a sound recording (or several) of talking.
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Some of the Quiet American field recordings have talking in them.
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