Did I just kill my monitor?
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Re-arranging my office, and the power cord was too tight between monitor 1 and the plug, so I unplugged it and put it in a different plug. Now that monitor won't power on at all. I've tried different plugs, different power cables, and no good. The little light on the button doesn't even show yellow, much less green. Its an Acer AL 1916 monitor with VGA in. I can use another screen singly for now, but I'm worried that I've somehow killed my monitor, and I don't know what else to try. Thanks.
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OK, you have put it back the way it was originally plugged in, right?

If the cord was too tight, it's possible that the receptacle seating inside your monitor was gradually pulled loose during incidental movement, or possibly worse. Usually monitors like to go in a splashy way with a big flash when you plug them in, and you'll hear something from the tube electronics like a squeak or a pop. Silence indicates more no power at all.
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Have you verified the outlet works by plugging something else in, and trying (as mentioned) it back in the original (known) outlet?
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thanks, both of you - just retried it in another outlet, and it worked. Tried it again, and all seems well. Maybe it was just tired from all the furniture moving (I know I am)
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dhartung: true if it's the tube, but if the light isn't coming on at all on the power button it could as easily be the power supply, right? In which case, not necessarily a big noise or flash. Seconding the advice to put it back the way it was and see if it works.
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Teach me not to preview!
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I had this exact thing happen. Monitor (CRT) would not do anything whatsoever, no power light, nothing. Tried everything I could think of. Ended up getting a nice flat panel to replace it and set the old CRT aside. Some time later I decided to try and fire it up again (can't remember why) and it worked fine. No idea what causes this behavior.
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