Dive vin bar in the City of Roses?
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BarFilter: Help me find a wine dive bar or trattoria in downtown Portland, OR with youthful patrons.

I'm moving to Portland, OR in early January from Austin and this new city will be the first major wine-producing state I've lived in. I plan to explore the town on bike when I arrive and I'm fired up about it.

I've tended a wine bar at a boutique-y joint before so I am aware my preferences could be considered niche. However I'd like to believe a subculture of budding oenophiles exists in the City of Roses.

Help me get as close as possible to my Platonic ideal of Winebar!

Qualities of Ideal Winebar:

1. A sit-down area with bar and stools.

2. A neighborhood feel, specifically a casual dress code and modest decor.

3. Majority of patrons are <35.

4. Wine list focuses on affordable wines and changes enough to keep me happy and coming back. Geographic diversity much appreciated.

5. Modest, but tasty food menu.

6. The occasional local acoustic music act or art showing.
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I could recommend tons of beer dive bars, but I'm not familiar with the wine culture around here. I know of a few wine places, but they are definitely not dives. This link may help. I've been using it to find new happy hour places:

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Sorry, this link filters for wine:

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Yeah, the wine bars around here are sort of upscale and/or squeaky-clean new places. I sometimes go to a bar called Victory, on 37th and Division, that has a really nice laid back ambience, a seemingly decent wine list (I know way more about beer), and a pretty young clientele.
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I second Victory and would also recommend Pour on NE 27th and Broadway.
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Victory is great, but most likely won't have a rotating wine list..there a bit more focused on cocktails and beer. There's a great wine bar/shop in Northeast portland called Everyday wine. The owner is young, she has a great palette, the wine is well priced, and there is more of a world focus. It's a shop with a bar, so might not be what you're interested in.

There's a great wine bar called Oregon Wines on Broadways, but the focus is regional and the clientele is more business district, not under 35. However, the three women who work there are amazing, I think one of them is the owner.

Also, maybe check out Cork (it's on Alberta), Alu (it's kind of a restaurant) and vino paradiso (possibly not young/hip clientel).

I bartend in the area and would be happy to give you more info.
Email is in my profile.
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