Cannibal the Virgin
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Cult Movie Filter... How should we watch this movie first?

I've heard that Cannibal the Musical has a legendary audio commentary but I've never seen the movie. How should I watch the move for the first time? I'm a South Park, Orgazmo, Baseketball fan... Is it necessary for me to build the relationship with the movie first or can I just skip right to the commentary?
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I think you need to watch it sans commentary first. I've seen it maybe ten times. I insist. The teepees scene is a bit ruined by talking over it. The serious, emotional scenes between Alferd and Liane... they need to be taken in with reverent quiet.

Though. their drunken commentary is total gold.

The movie is bad, but not so bad that you need the commentary to be amused, if you like Baseketball, you'll do fine.

You're NEVER gonna get those earworms out, btw. Do a Metafilter search for shpadoinkle and you'll see that.
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You should absolutely watch the movie first. Even without the commentary it's one of the better things they've done, and you'll get a lot more out of the commentary knowing what the hell they're talking about (this is one of those commentary tracks that dials the program audio back to near-inaudibility.)

You may also be interested in this song about Alfred Packer by Astro Zombie.
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In fact, I would go so far as to say that if fail to watch the film without the commentary your comprehension will be DOOMED





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The movie is hilarious too, and you'll end up watching it multiple times both ways if the fact that you've actually sought this movie out is any indication.

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Thanks for linking to my Alfred Packer song. I used to live right next to his severed head.
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