Laser hair removal in Philadelphia
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Where should I go for laser hair removal in Philadelphia?

I want them to remove the hair with lasers.
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Try the dermatology schools at UPenn or Thomas Jefferson hospitals.

I recommend going to a dermatologist or other physician instead of a laser hair removal storefront or any random spa. If you chose the "laser hair removal clinic" route, be sure to research the technician's certification. Improper use of a laser can result in serious burns, so you certainly want someone experienced and qualified.

Or you can call some cosmetic physicians and ask if they do it. Remember that it will take several visits and treatments for the full result, so it can cost much more than the one-visit fee.

Best of luck. My friends who have had it done are really happy with the results!
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Ex works for Hahnemann, and does some admin between their ENT dept and Dermatology. Apparently, they have the machines there (he got free treatments a while back), in case you're still hairy.
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