Amuse My Family in Florida around Christmas
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I have family (parents and siblings, no young'ns) visiting me in South Florida around Christmas. How can I best entertain them?

We're driving up to Orlando and spending the 23-25th at the Trap, but the two days before that and the three days after are up for grabs. I'm located between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, so things near there are closest. Miami is doable.

There's going to be five of us all together, three in our 30s and two in their 60s. Nobody's super-conservative or anything, but I don't think we'll be out dancing or going to strip clubs. We're all smarty-pants/nerdy (engineers teachers and writers) and pretty open to new experiences. Money isn't too big an issue, just a lack of ideas on the part of your humble host. I know my parents love dining, so good restaurant tips are also appreciated.
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Best answer: When we lived down there (sigh....snow here today), we took our folks to the animal attractions; The Miami Zoo, Lion Country Safari, Parrot Jungle. We also took them on a airboat ride in the Everglades. Maybe a road trip across Alligator Alley... the west coast has some cool places to go: Edison's home, The Dali Museum. That's all I can come up with for now, I need more coffee.
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Best answer: Last time I was down there, I had a nice time taking a walk around the Morikami Japanese Gardens. Gator watching at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands was pretty damned entertaining too.
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Best answer: Go see a play. Florida Stage will be running Mezzulah, 1946, about a woman who refuses to give up her job after the soldiers come back home from World War II. Palm Beach Dramaworks is performing Ionesco's The Chairs. If you're willing to drive to Miami, Actors' Playhouse is doing Gutenberg! The Musical and GableStage is doing Adding Machine (also a musical). Check out SouthFloridaTheatre.Com for other things that might be going on. The smaller theatre companies would be cheaper, but none of my favorites seem to have anything going on right around Christmas. Disclaimer: I'm entrenched in the South Florida Theatre community.

As far as more daytime fare, I love the MetroZoo, the Miami Science Museum, and the Seaquarium.

Delray Beach is a fun place to simply walk around and explore the galleries. The Palm Beach County Watercolor Society will be having a juried watercolor exhibition at the Crest Theatre during that time.
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Best answer: I'm a fan of the Islamorada Fish Company restaurant inside the Bass Pro, kinds between Davie and Lauderdale. Mr. F's parents like it too.
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Best answer: Butterfly World on Sample Road in Coconut Creek is lovely.
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Best answer: I was just coming in to suggest Flamingo Gardens.

For dinner go to one of the shows at The Mai-Kai.
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Best answer: My dad likes to take friends on the Jungle Queen tour through the Ft. Lauderdale waterways. The Florida Museum of Art is also pretty good.
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It would be a daylong excursion due to the drive, but how about a road trip to Cape Canaveral?
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