Clicked something random, now I can't view a site in FF3?
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Help! I clicked something without realizing, now I can't view one of my favorite websites. What did I do?

For starters:
I use Firefox 3.
The website in question is, a webcomic, but I doubt it matters.

Anyway, the other night, I was looking for a specific strip in the archives. I think this is what happened:

I opened a new strip and accidentally right-clicked and then left-clicked in rapid succession, thus selecting something from the dropdown menu that appeared. Now, none of the strips will load, leaving me with white space between the top menu and the bottom columns. As a test, I opened it in Safari - no problems there.

So, first, I can't figure out what I clicked, and second, I have no idea how to go about fixing it.

The right-click menu's options are:
Add to Kaboodle ((firefox add-on, don't think that's what I clicked))
Bookmark this Page
Save Page As...
Send Link...
Shareaholic ((also an add-on, not one I'm used to/familiar with yet, though))
View Background Image
Select All
View Page Source
View Page Info
Community Links

I'm not very technical - but it doesn't seem like any of those would cause that to happen. Am I wrong?

It's not exactly an emergency... as I said before, I can open it in Safari, but as I don't use Safari very frequently, I'd rather be able to open it with all of my other daily comics without opening another browser.

Any help will be appreciated! Thank you.
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Best answer: Probably you added it to the ad-block list.
posted by Class Goat at 8:44 PM on November 21, 2008

Response by poster: I have no idea how, but you were right! Thank you!

(I am a tiny bit embarrassed that I put this on MeFi when it was so easily answerable. I blame being sick).
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i also did the same thing, apparently, AND posted it to mefi, as well.
posted by alice ayres at 5:12 AM on November 22, 2008

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