Advice, please, for an interesting game for an active 66 year old who loves the Cubs?
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Can anyone suggest a "fun" game for my husband's 66th birthday? We are daily runners, he is a retired consultant, an amateur poet and playwright and loves the Chicago Cubs, in fact, he's a 50 year "die hard" fan. I'm looking for something that will help him get through the long winter nights until spring training is upon us. He isn't at all interested in fantasy baseball. Thanks!
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Two things come to mind:

Wii Sports

Maybe it's not a game that he needs, though. Have you considered taking a painting or dancing class with him?
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Best answer: Is he a baseball stats geek? If so, he might be interested in Out of the Park Baseball. It's not fantasy baseball, it's a baseball simulation where you manage your team, minor leagues, negotiate salaries, etc etc etc. it can easily suck up many, many cold winter nights. I speak from experience here. Also, odds are he can manage the Cubs to a World Series in the game sooner than he'll see one in real life :)
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If "fun" is what you're after, I might suggest a large bowl of ribbon candy.
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