Winter weekend cabin near Chicago?
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Where should we go for a winter weekend getaway within 2 hours drive of Chicago?

We're looking for a cabin/house where a bunch of us (7 right now) can go for a long weekend of lounging, reading, cross-country (or downhill) skiing and game-playing in late January/early February. I've been focusing on the Kettle Moraine area of Wisconsin, close to Milwaukee, since I've been there before for x-country skiing and chances are better there than anywhere else within our radius that there'll be good amounts of snow. But I haven't had much luck. To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, I found this lovely place, but they decided to stop renting in the winter starting this year. I'd love to hear about any specific cabins or homes you've been to or know about, or resources you know of that I could use to search. Thanks.
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Michiana, on the east side of Lake Michigan, has tons of places to rent. Try New Buffalo, MI.
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Best answer: If you want snow, then definitely the other side of Lake Michigan, somewhere in Michigan. They get dumped with snow all the time.

In my personal opinion, the area is nicer if you go a little further north of New Buffalo... try looking around Saugatuck. More like 3 hours, but worth it.

Years ago, I went on a little weekend getaway in Galena. It in Illinois, due west and a little north of Chicago. Probably a two hour trip. Very, very nice.
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Response by poster: Jeff-

We actually found a place in Galena, but I was wavering because a) the place isn't as cozy as what I was hoping and b) I have no idea if Galena's worth the trip. But you recommend it? What's to do there?
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The town has a bunch of antique shops. The house we stayed in had a fireplace, a big hot tub in a room where you could let in the freezing air (fun, and steamy) and it was surrounded by fields and woods. We hung out in the house a lot and took walks. There was no downhill skiing, but cross-country skiing would have been cool if we had skis. Not sure what there is to 'do' other than that... Sex, maybe?

Keep in mind this was around 12 years ago.
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There is Chestnut Mountain in Galena. It is the biggest "mountain" in Illinois.
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Michigan. Warren dunes area. You have access to the lake, the dunes, grocery stores, a good art-house movie theater (The Vickers in Three Oaks) that compares to anything in Chicago and a few very nice state parks. Good times.
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Galena has the home Ulysses S. Grant! Woo-hoo!
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Seconding the various Harbor Country/Michigan recommendations here. We went in September and found it to be very charming with some great restaurants. Tons of cabins throughout the area.

And Door County, while a bit further than you'd like, is fantastic. If you go, rent at the Westwood Shores. Full condo-style accommodations, so you can cook like crazy. Not cabiny per se, but incredibly comfortable and cozy, complete with fireplaces. I've only been there in the summer and would love to stay during the winter.
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Best answer: I recommend Potato Creek State Park
The rental cabins sleep 8, 2 bedrooms one with a double, one with two singles and two pull out couches in the great room. Each has a wood burning stove. Much nicer than you'd expect for just outside South Bend. It is in the Lake Effect snow area and the sledding hill is awesome. There are many crosscountry skiing trails and lots of wild life.
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