Online Bug Tracking for web apps?
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Anyone know of a website for bug tracking a web app?

I've looked at the bugtracking tag Q&A's, but i'm wondering if there is a website where i can just:

1. Sign up for account
2. Create project
3. Invite other people and set their status
4. Track bugs

I've been googling, but everything i've found is download and install on your server (bugzilla, mantis, eventum, fogbugz), which isn't what i need.
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Best answer: Does it have to be free?

If not Lighthouse App is great and not too expensive.
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There are many free code hosting services with bug tracking capabilities. For example, tracks bugs on launchpad.
posted by PueExMachina at 2:59 PM on November 21, 2008 pretty similar to sourceforge
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FogBugz On Demand
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Response by poster: That's what I'm talking about.

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basecamp is a good web-based project management tool, but not free.
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Oops, I forgot that basecamp do do a free single-project account with unlimited users with a couple of other limitations.
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Response by poster: Just for clarification, and so we're not repeating answer content from similar questions, Lighthouse was the closest (pretty much exactly) what i was looking for. I'm currently using Basecamp for overall project management, but needed a client interface for bug tracking and bug tracking alone. So i didn't need or want to upload project files, and didn't want to install/setup something else on the server, just wanted the quickest way to run issue tracking which is what Lighthouse provides. So, bitdamaged you win best answer, and thanks all.

Note: i can see why most people want bug tracking integrated with the rest of project managment, but in as i said, in this case i was looking for stand-alone issue tracking, which is a different product, and what differentiates my question from the other project management application / bug tracking question already posed to the green.
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Give 16bugs a try.

I've been using it for a 2 man web-app project for the past few months. It's simple but effective. (It'll integrate with basecamp and/or campfire if you need more bells and whistles.)
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I'm pretty fond of 16bugs as well. Very minimal, but easy enough for non-techs to use (who are really scared by bugzilla).
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