I have to wear this headset, can I make it play music?
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Is there any way to turn my Plantronics wireless headset into a music device, when it's not in use for taking phone calls?

I'm at a job where I have to take calls, and I have this Plantonics wireless headset. The headset interfaces with the phone, not the computer. I wear the headset most of the time.

However, when it's quiet, my boss puts on music from her office. Terrible, terrible music. The 'music' from CATS, seriously. If I could somehow get the headset to play decent music, I'd be slightly happier in this miserable job. I have absolutely no experience with wireless devices but I am desperate enough to learn.

Oh, and I do not own an ipod (I have an iriver) and I will not purchase one.
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What's the model number?
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I had this same situation and I've come up with an acceptable solution for me. There is a device you can purchase called the Zoom Switch. It plugs in as a passthrough to your headset, however has a tail that can go into any audio source with an minijack plug (most portable audio devices). You just push the button to have it switch sources and voila! It works like a champ for me for my iPhone, however if you don't want to purchase an iphone, it will work with anything with an audio out (your computer/cdplayer/etc.)

This will also work with any phone so have fun!
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