How to make a large sign from a low resolution photo?
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What is the best way to create a 6'x10' sign if a standard-resolution photo from the web is used as source material?

I'm also interested in the best of the three {fast, cheap, good}C2 ("Fast, cheap, or good: Choose two") methods of obtaining such a sign.
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I'd use the Rasterbator, that way, if the image was of an indelicate nature, one could make the claim it's "art" as oposed to obscenity.

Plus it just looks cool.
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inspired by another question posted earlier?
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'sign' can mean a lot of different things. Picture poster? Banner? Vinyl? Billboard? How close will the viewer be?

I've printed 40' x 10' signs from 15" wide, 150-300 ppi images.

I've made posters from screen res images. Depends on the pic, on the output, on the placement. Resizing the image and then throwing some artsy filter over it always works.
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Keith: I hadn't even thought of that! Definitely cheap, fairly fast, and its "goodness" is in the eye of the beholder.

I suppose the the pieces of paper could be pasted on boards which are later attached to the target surface. Is there a better material than plywood for this? Bolts, nails, or screws?

lotsofno: Actually, I was inspired by the toilet seat question.

the3phil: the output will need to be affixed to a wall or existing sign. The image processing tips are appreciated, but I still need to know how to create a hardcopy.

I have access to a poster printer (and saw this thread), but while it's good and fast, it definitely ain't cheap.
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What is your budget? A poster printer is usually the cheapest way to go. How you affix your output depends on the substrate you're printing on. There's paper outputs, and you can also print out on canvas, mesh, have a few options. Is this going outside? If so, remember to make it weatherproof.
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full color printing on vinyl [just sticks wherever you put it] is awesome, and large format, but it will run you 6-15$ a square foot.

that is a pretty big sign, it is going to be a lot of work or a lot of money, no way around that.
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You could use the rasterbator and just glue the thing together on posterboard, as I did {self-link}. Sounds like you need it outside though, so you'd need some weatherproofing.
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If you opt for image quality over Rasterbator (or just want to improve the image quality before you send it to Rasterbator), try using Genuine Fractals. It is an excellent tool for enlarging images
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