Help me identify this paintaing
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Who is the artist behind / what is the name of this painting? And what do you call art like this?

I really like the shading and detail, and the Muslim-era look man. Trying to find this type of art in large print size.
FYI - I came across this from a link on (click "More features" on the right side of the "features" area at the bottom of the page).
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fwiw, I'd say it might be an early "Orientalist" painting: a school/current which originated more or less in the last years of the 18th century with the fascination (mostly in France) with Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, the Middle East and exotic settings in general.
Besides the fact that a wider view of the same painting is featured in this page, I've no idea about who the painter might be.
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If you click the photo in _dario's link, it goes here, and says, "Portrait of Barbarossa by Florentine School, 1550".
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Though I do not know the context of that particular painting, Orientalism would perhaps capture the characteristics -- the sensuality of detail, the turbaned man whose facial features bear traces of a Western aesthetic (note the beauty mole and the "Roman nose"), the use of shading -- that had initially drawn you to it.
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Ha, thanks Houstonian, looks like I was *way* off both in age and origin of the painting! (with extra bonus: I'm from -erm- Florence, actually). To my partial excuse, I've been observing orientalist paintings for a while now, so as soon as there's a turban in sight my neurons flip.
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following up on _dario and Houstonian's comments, ArtNet indicates that this was a work sold at Christie's of London in late 1997
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I'm fairly certain that I saw that painting at the Milwaukee art museum in August. Perhaps you could call a curator there and get more info.
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I'm always amazed at what the hive mind is able to accomplish - thanks guys! I will begin looking at what other art is out there for this time-period/region.
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