Non-alcoholic guest gift ideas?
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Non-alcoholic travel-friendly Thanksgiving gift ideas?

I'm joining some friends in San Diego for Thanksgiving this year. I know guests are traditionally supposed to bring a gift, and a good bottle of wine is the standard, but both these friends are recovering alcoholics which makes that a no-go.

What would be a good alternative that's:
  • in around the same price range as good wine,
  • would be air travel-friendly,
  • and is non-alcoholic?
I'm more looking for something that would fit a "traditional Thanksgiving" vibe, but I'd be open to something more esoteric if it's really brilliant.

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Best answer: Nuts! A nice assortment of quality nuts, perhaps in a reusable/decorative tin. They can put them out with the appetizers or save them for later. They're fine for air travel; liquids are the real problem.
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seconding nuts! what is always great are whole walnuts that you can pack with a nutcracker.
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Nuts are good. Candied citrus or some nice chocolates. An assortment of nice teas.
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Truffles or other chocolates. A tin of homemade cookies, brownies, or fudge.
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Best answer: Mightygoods has a selection of unique host gifts, maybe you can find some inspiration there.
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Also classic host gifts, if you didn't catch that link at the top of the "unique gifts" page.
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You can pick up flowers for the table in SD or bring them with you. Or, giftwrap a combo Amaryllis bulb with forcing pot.
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Nuts, candy and flowers are great ideas. Unless you are very close and have known your friends for awhile the goal is to give a gift that is appreciated and consumed. My favorite non alcoholic consumable gift is a box of See's candy.
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