Keep it secret, keep it safe. Where "it" is a microSD card.
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Where can I find a (nice-looking) wearable item with a compartment for a microSD card?

I'm looking for dog tags with obvious/hidden compartments, some kind of storage for micro-SDs you can wear, or at least something you can carry around all the time (key chain, zipper tchotchke?). Something crush/waterproof would be awesome, but not a necessity.

I'm tempted by these options, but either I'd spend them accidentally or just lose them outright.

It's not for anything interesting, and doesn't have to be ultra-secret-hide-it-spy stuff, just a reliable, portable option, but more stylish than these.

Part of the problem is that I'm sure there's plenty of items that would work, but don't specifically list this use, but when I search for "hidden compartment" it invariably returns a cylindrical shaped container that could hold rolled up money but not the microSD card.

Notes: I'm a male, so I probably couldn't pull off a stuffed-animal cell-phone charm with a Velcro seam.
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Do you wear jeans often? I generally use my watch/change pocket for this sort of thing.

alternate suggestion: Take microSD case that has a little extra plastic, use small drill, make keychain.

alternate alternate suggestion: just stick it in your wallet, eg in a credit-card slot. Or velcro/glue a slim (waterproof?) case to the outside of your wallet.
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If you wear baseball caps, you could try the one from SCOTTEVEST...
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Googling "Men's Locket" reveals quite a few sellers of locket watches, locket necklaces, and even locket cufflinks. They're designed for pictures, but some of them should be able to hold a microSD.
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I have one of these, came free with a sandisk card and seems reasonable sturdy. I'd offer to send you mine (given that I don't use it), but given the postage it doesn't seem worth it.

Try one of these though?
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Perhaps, depending on your style ?
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Some shoes have a hidden pocket in the tongue. I've seen it in skate shoes from DVS and DC and a google search shows that these more casual shoes have it too.
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I have one of these on my keychain. It's incredibly small, I just superglued an 8GB microSD card in, and it works everywhere.
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Perhaps look for pillholders. Those might be more common, and would probably fit a MicroSD card. I'm looking for exactly the same thing, but in keychain form. I had the ideal keychain for this, but it just broke, and I can't seem to find it again. I'll let you know if i find anything I like.
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There might be more than you think. Swarovski makes several styles.
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i say get the spy coin, but in a foriegn currency, that way you can't spend it by accident!
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A quick Google search revealed this belt. There were several others, but this one looked like one of the safest, since it has a zipper.
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Try googling "key pill holder" and sorting through the noise. Also, "key stash".
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I don't know if it will help, but I carry a second SIM card for my phone (so I can use my business phone to make personal calls) in my phone I just taped the extra sim to the battery and the battery cover still works. I know a guy that has an emergency bill stashed in a similar way. I'm not sure how thick a microSD is but if you carry a cell phone you might be surprised what can be stored between the battery and the battery cover.
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