MySQL problem on Yahoo hosting
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MySQL problem

I am attempting to create a new user in MySQL, with Yahoo as a Web host. When I go to Privileges, I get this message:

Warning: Your privilege table structure seems to be older than this MySQL version!
Please run the script mysql_fix_privilege_tables that should be included in your MySQL server distribution to solve this problem!

My Google fu has failed me. I have no idea how to repair this problem in Yahoo. Help! Thanks!
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You have MySQL 5, but the database was upgraded from MySQL 4 (or older).

Googling " mysql_fix_privilege_tables" gets me this, which says that for MySQL 5.0.19 and forward, you should instead use the mysql_upgrade program to check for and repair old tables.

You'll need shell access for this. Talk to Yahoo to figure that one out.

If your MySQL is older than 5.0.19, you really ought to upgrade the server anyway, as there have been lots of bugfixes, some of pretty serious bugs. (In fact, I'd upgrade at least to 5.0.27, which is mostly stable, but I don't see a reason not to upgrade to 5.0.51.)

After upgrading the server, run mysql_upgrade.
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Er, I made that confusing. You have MySQL server 5.x, but a 4.x database structure, because the server executable was upgraded but the database wasn't.
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