What are some similar sites to Arstechnica?
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What are good technology sites similar to arstechnica, codinghorror, slashdot, and lifehacker, etc.?

I read Lifehacker, Arstechnica, CodingHorror, Slashdot, and Lifehacker on a daily basis. What are some similar higherbrow tech. sites?

I'm also down for tech. humor (e.g. xkcd, thedailywtf)
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NEOWIN.net is probably the best one I have ever seen (been a member since 2001) .ITs not just windows news so ignore the name.

The forums there are pretty cool also
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I love Tech Radar.
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reddit used to be pretty good, but now for tech stuff you might have to restrict yourself to some of the subreddits. The programming one is still exceptionally good, and not exclusively about programming.
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Stack Overflow is one of the better software engineering Q&A sites.
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Here's a few that have stayed on my reading list over the years:

o'reilly radar
forever geek
hack a day
37 signals blog
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I love Engadget and Giz.

Wired.com also has some well written articles.

As far as comics, I love xkcd. I also really like Penny Arcade and Control-Alt-Delete, though they're more related to gaming, but they still have techy parts.
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