Need a Real Estate / Property lawyer in Toronto
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I need a lawyer in Toronto for Real Estate / Property issues. Specifically, the state of an adjacent property (in violation of multiple orders from the city) seriously affecting ours. Would ideally know the magic password to get the Building Standards people to do their job. Otherwise, any and all other avenues that can be pursued.
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Sorry not to be specific, but on our Toronto street, people seem to get better results when they "band together against" (a.k.a.- gang up on) offenders.

Who's your councillor? Getting a few more people to call and email his office might be better than spending money on a lawyer who'll just make more money the longer he drags out the process.
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Response by poster: People ganging up has been done for many many years, ditto the councilor.

They've already got orders from property standards (for severe structural defects, in an attached house), public health, the fire marshal, and hydro. The current owner bought the building after those orders were in place and is trying to make the improvements himself -- he's in his seventies.
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Toronto City inspectors seems to charge into action as soon as there is media coverage. Case in point: The rat at Lucky Seven restaurant.

If you have some shocking pictures or video and it hits the blogs, they'll have a harder time ignoring you.

Or better yet - and i'm semi-serious here - take the money you would have spent on a lawyer and give it to Franke James to tell your story.
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How about The Fixer? Of course, it could just seem as if you're attacking a poor defenseless senior who's doing the best he can.
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