Where can I find light weight potatoes made of foam/plastic/etc?
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Where can I find light weight potatoes made of foam/plastic/etc?

I am looking to find potatoes made of a light-weight material (obviously not for consumption) so that I can mail what looks like a "five pound bag of potatoes" and not get hammered with shipping costs.

I'm in the Houston area, and don't mind using the internet.
Thank you.
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I don't know about buying fake potatoes, but you could always make some by stuffing brown pantyhose with cotton, then stitching shut the ends. By placing a few more stitches all over them, you can make idententations that look a bit like "eyes". I guess if the pantyhose doesn't quite look opaque enough at the end of the process, you could go to town o your stuffed version with a can of beige spray-paint. But those wouldn't be quite as huggable as the straight-up cloth ones.
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Craft stores like Michaels always have tons of lightweight foam and plastic fruit and vegetables. I don't recall specifically seeing potatoes, but it's a pretty good bet that they carry them.
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There seems to be a brisk trade in very realistic-looking potato stress balls (who knew?). I've only found personalizable lots with huge minimum orders so far, but I'm sure you could buy just a few with some more looking.
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and here you go!
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Try contacting somewhere like this?
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do consider that it probably will cost less to buy a real 5lb bag of potatoes and ship USPS or UPS Ground or Fedex Ground than it would to buy a bunch of fakes and ship them, too.

shipping costs probably won't be more than $15, with a $2 box and $3 bag of potatoes, while the fake spuds look like they'd run a pretty penny to get enough to have a whole bag, and then you'd have to buy a mesh bag, etc....

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Realistically, almost anything you buy that is light and looks like a potato is probably going to end up being more expensive overall. Each stress ball costs $3. A "5 lb bag" of them will probably run you at least $20-25. Shipping 5 lbs by UPS is around $13, shipping by parcel post is $10 so you're not saving money. Unless you have a bunch of unused stockings lying around, that's not the most economical solution either (although I suppose one pair would be enough, not sure how much that costs and how valuable your time is).

If the idea is that you're just mailing a 5 lb bag of potatoes, and it's some kind of joke, and there don't actually have to be any potatoes in there at all, I would recommend buying some burlap, sewing into a bag and simply printing "POTATOES 5LBS" on it (a flour sack towel sown over will also work. Add a twine drawstring. For the potatoes, take some brown paper and crumple it into potato shaped wads and throw them in the bag.

If you're not a sewer, you can even buy potato sacks (although generally larger than a 5 pounder) on ebay for a few dollars each.
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Thank you all very much.
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Seconding craft stores. Michael's and Hobby Lobby are two franchises you might find locally.
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hot potato?
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