Short Sleeve to Long Sleeve Conversion
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Help me find ideal, universal, comfortable, and good looking long sleeve undershirts.

I have a ton of good looking polo shirts. I'd like to wear them all year long without being cold in the bar.

Problem: I live in Chicago, where it is pretty cold 5 months of the year.

Solution: convert shirts to long sleeves, by putting undershirts under them.

Secondary Problem: Can't find them anywhere, and not sure what's the best thing to use.

Looking for something not baggy, maybe 'waffley' but not long-johnny. Black, grey, white, offwhite. Cheap (under $10). Where can I get this?
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I am a lady, but I find the Old Navy long sleeve crew neck shirts to be great for wearing under t-shirts and polos in the winter. They are pretty lightweight, but I find them adequate.

Here you go, they are even on sale for $10. I found when purchasing a few this year I had to go up a size from an older version (one or two years ago) due to the "slimmer cut" they advertise on that page. i.e. I usually wear a large but this year I purchased an XL.
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Target has had some good long sleeved shirts that are relatively plain during the wintertime for cheap. (If I can find a link, I'll post it.)
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American Apparel: 3 Pack, Black, White, Grey, $51.

These may qualify as "long johnny" but these are comfortable, warm, and look good as an under shirt layer.
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I'm a little confused by this question. Layering long-sleeve T's are everywhere! Any of the mall stores has their version. H&M was the most reasonable when I was looking recently, since some other retailers want $20 for a basic one.

Just watch out for elastic cuffs.
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I just had this discussion yesterday with a coworker. He works in the lab and usually wears an American Apparel thermal under his scrubs.

I personally like Gap Body's tshirts, which are womens, but I think their mens styles are similar.
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Seconding the Old Navy shirts. If you are wearing them under something, you should consider a size down if you are slim-medium build, though. It may be worth ordering a size down and a size up, just to see. You can return them to any Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic, so you don't have a whole lot to lose.

Can't say I endorse the long-sleeved-shirt-under-polo look, but that's a different plate of beans. To each his/her own.
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Thirding the Old Navy shirts. I'm wearing one right now! They're elasticy (but not tight) so they won't get baggy and they keep their shape really well. They might be over $10 but it's worth it as they'll last for years.
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I would advise against the Old Navy shirts. I bought a bunch of them for this purpose and after one wash they were pilling. The ones from the Gap and JCrew are of better quality.
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