How to get presspacks from videogame companies/publishers?
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Video game blogs... how to acquire press/media packs from games companies?

The company I work for want to add a video games blog to their web site with the intention of adding value to their current content.

I will be one of the people involved in updating the blog, and I was wondering, what is the process for acquiring things like press/media packs for upcoming games? Is it simply a matter of writing to each company and requesting press access, or is there a central repository on the internet for this kind of material?

Sorry if the question sounds dumb, but if someone could push me in the right direction, that would be great.
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I don't work for a video game blog, but I work in media. What I've had to do is call the company and ask to be on their press list. Depending how established your company is, they will determine your level of access i.e. if you will just get e-mails and invites to events or that and elaborate press kits.

Again, depending on your company's reputation, you may have to explain why you deserve to be on the list. I've had to do this a couple times recently for magazines because of the economy. Many have had to cut down their press lists because they can't afford to send free advanced copies of, for example, New York magazine every week because it cost $20 per person and if they aren't seeing their people booked for interviews, why bother sending the magazine?

Good luck.
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Yep, spec80's pretty much got it. Each publisher handles things differently (and you'll want to talk to the publishers, not the developers) and there will be a bit of variance in whether or not your organization will meet their standards for press list inclusion.

Nearly all the publishers have a "For Media/Press please contact: {X}" email or phone on their website. Just call/email them, tell then what you do (and maybe include some information about readership, pageviews, etc.) and hope for the best. Good luck.
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One thing that might have potential is going to video game expos or trade shows (especially ones that deal with technology or gadgets). There are often PR reps for companies at stands or wandering around the crowds, and they will often give you business cards with their contact info.

In my limited experience if you want to request something from a video game company be polite but firm and brief. It's not necessary to go into great depth about who you are or what you write for; they can always ask for more info themselves if they need it.
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