Your huddled masses are yearning to eat cake.
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I need help coming up with a clever caption for a birthday cake for my sister-in-law's 50th birthday party. The cake will be based on this New Yorker cover.

Relevant facts:

Her name is Elizabeth but everyone calls her Betsy.
She’ll be 50.
She’s my wife’s sister.
She’s bright, funny, and interested in social concerns.
Her party will be rather large with lots of her friends.
The sheet cake is 12x18. The cover will take up the whole cake so the blank green area is where the caption will go.

The caption can call attention to all, any, or none of the above.

We don’t want anything making fun of her age or other jokes about growing old.

So far the best I can come up with is “Your huddled masses are yearning to eat cake.” You folks can do better than that. And, no, “Christ, what an asshole” is in no way appropriate in this case.
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Best answer: Energy Efficient and Good for Over 50 Years: BETSY!
posted by banannafish at 6:31 AM on November 20, 2008

With 50 Comes Liberty
posted by netbros at 6:37 AM on November 20, 2008

Betsy: Still younger than the Statue of Liberty!
posted by contessa at 6:44 AM on November 20, 2008

Betsy: You light up our lives!
posted by ginagina at 6:50 AM on November 20, 2008 [1 favorite]

Shine on, Betsy!
posted by orange swan at 7:08 AM on November 20, 2008

From the New Colossus plaque:

A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is imprisoned (compact florescent) lightning
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With liberty and cake for all!
posted by nitsuj at 7:44 AM on November 20, 2008

Is Good.
posted by MonkeyToes at 8:35 AM on November 20, 2008

A New Age of Enlightenment!
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1) Betsy: Not quite EnergyStar™ compliant.
2)To Betsy: Lighting up lives for 50 years.
3) Hapy Brthy Btsy (New energy saving guidelines mandate that all words be shortened).
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Soylent Green (1973) is people yummy!

Honestly yours is already the best.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! The cake was a huge hit and banannafish's caption fit perfectly.
posted by bondcliff at 6:49 AM on November 24, 2008

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