What's the best OS X tool to watch the movie with subtitles?
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You have an .ogm file of a non-subtitled movie and a .srt subtitle file -- what's the best OS X tool to watch the movie with subtitles? For educational purposes only, etc, (more inside)

I am aware of this previous discussion, but it doesn't really answer my question (I think).
Also, is anybody familiar with ffmpegX? is it good? and if it is, is it too complicated for a not monstrously competent user?

ps I almost always use VLC to view stuff.
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vlc can do this, I think.

file/open file
browse to the ogm under "build an MRL"
check "subtitle options", click "settings", load srt.

(this is for the win vlc, but I guess the osx is the same, no?)
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no, whenever I load the .srt file in VLC I play the movie and immediately the application dies, every single time
I guess VLC is no good. or is it?
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This may help you. You'll need mplayer (link is to the GUI version, but I think you'll only need the command-line component).
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I notice now that my VLC is the newest... *ahem* Beta 0.8.0-test2
look, I'm going to try dloading the older 0.7.2, and re-try the whole drill.

I'll try MPlayer, as well
posted by matteo at 6:49 AM on October 7, 2004

and of course, 0.7.2 works just fine, subtitles and all
thanks everybody
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