Those little guys in a cartoon--what are they called?
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Is there a generic name for the small figures that political cartoonists used to put in the foreground of their cartoons? Often they were of the artist himself (like Tom Toles at his easel here) , or sometimes a repeated character, and they would offer additional commentary on the subject of the cartoon. Is there a name for those little guys?
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I don't know, but Pat Oliphant's is a penguin named Punk.
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beyond their role as a Greek Chorus, I don't know any specific term.
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There isn't a formal name that I know of, as only some cartoonists do this, but I found an interesting essay discussing them as analogues of a meta-narrator or disembodied/detached narrator. When they represent the cartoonist, they may be called an alter ego.
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The Onion's Editorial Cartoons always do this. Can't help you with the name, though.
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