Whats a good server-side RSS aggregator for mobile devices?
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I am looking for a good server side rss aggregator that will give results in a very simple manner for mobile devices. I would use bloglines but their interface is a mess of frames and things. I'm looking for a few, maybe 10, feeds presented in flat text. MySQL is ok if required.
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I found this thing called Feeds on Feeds. It seems to use frames though, which not be good for mobile devices. If you're a coder, however, it should be hackable. It seems to be written in PHP, so you'd just need to change the presentation logic and leave the backend.
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http://www.bloglines.com/mobile ?
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FOF doesn't have to use frames. You have a choice. It is really easy to set up. I use it all the time. It is the bong.
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Second the recommendation for FoF. (Does require MySQL and helps to have a cron update job setup though.)

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Second recommendation for http://www.bloglines.com/mobile (it's what I use on my phone) and Feed on Feeds (it's what I use when I want to roll my own aggregation site). Feed on Feeds doesn't need to have frames, just go straight to the main frame.
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i tried zFeeder, but it's ehh... Anyway, i didn't see bloglines/mobile so that's great. I'm not looking for a replacement full time so the less work the better. Thanks!
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