How is the name Pritha pronounced?
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How is the name Pritha pronounced?

Long "i" sound? soft th or hard t? Are there variations or does it have a standard pronunciation?
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The girl I know by that name always pronounced it pree-tha, with the emphasis on the first syllable.
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My cube-neighbor at work says:
It definitely has sanskrit origins. It could mean , love or loved one or palm of hand. It is name of a queen in Hindu mythology.
Also, he said it is pronounced "Pree-tah". With a little roll of the tongue on the r.
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Yeah, yellowbkpk has it. There's no "th" sound in Sanskrit (either as in think or then); the letter transliterated th represents an aspirated t (a t with a puff of air accompanying it, as in tell or top or pretty much any English word starting with t-).
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Thank you!
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A friend of mine is named Prithi; if it follows the same rules as Pritha, the pronunciation was equal emphasis on each syllable, and no soft "TH"--it was more like a glottal stop (not exactly a tongue roll).
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