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What the hell are these little bumps all over my legs?

For seriously as long as i can remember, I've always had these little flesh colored bumps on my legs. Now, I get small red bumps on the back of my arms, but I can exfoliate those right away. These bumps on my legs? DO NOT GO AWAY! I've gone months without shaving, I've tried waxing, I've tried shaving in the direction of the growth and NOTHING. They don't multiply, or get worse, or anything like that. Are they ingrown hairs - they don't look like it - they're just flesh colored, that's it. It looks like I have permanent goosebumps in some places.

I just want smooth legs, that's all. Anyone know what it is and how to get rid of it? Are some people just cursed with bad skin on their legs?
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Keratosis pilaris! Chronic, common, no fun. It's so common there's even an online community for it.

But there are some remedies, like urea and ammonium lactate. Personally, mine (on my thighs) goes away in the summer once I'm tan -- tanned skin regenerates itself more quickly, I've read. Here's an entire brand of kp treatment products.
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Since you mentioned the red arm bumps, I'm guessing the leg bumps are the same thing: keratosis pilaris. Nothing to worry about, but hard to get rid of. I have it on both my arms and legs, and it's totally annoying.

What has helped me most are lotions w/ alpha hydroxy acids or something similar. combined regular exfoliation. It hasn't made the bumps disappear completely, but it has lessened their appearance greatly.
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that's combined WITH...
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I had something like this as a kid and teenager it was never diagnosed as Keratosis pilaris but it looked identical to the linked picture. It went away when i stopped eating dairy products
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Nthing KP. If it's any consolation, it's estimated that 50 percent of the population has it.
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Yeah, KP. Buy some of those exfoliating gloves that you see in the drugstore, and use those with a creamy shower gel (the one from Soap & Glory, available in Target, is fantastic). Once a week use a good salt-based body scrub. Moisturise afterwards with a good body butter or lotion (again recommending Soap & Glory here). You won't eradicate the KP but you will sort of smooth it out.
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I've had luck with Clean & Clear SOFT In-Shower Facial. It's meant for the face but I've found it also works great on the body in terms of reducing KP and getting rid of ingrown hairs. Something to do with the combination of alpha hydroxy acids and exfoliating beads.
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Response by poster: Checking in: so far, i've been alternating with exfoliating gloves and St. Ives Apricot Scrub (switching out the Invigorating/heavy scrub and the rejuvenate/lighter scrub). Afterwards, slathering on cocoa butter body cream. While they're still there, they're way less noticeable and don't irk me if I touch my legs.

I don't eat a lot of dairy as is, so there's really nothing that I could cut out that would make a big impact. I've just been sticking with the exfoliating/scrubbing bit.

As it is winter, and my bf is overseas working, I don't really have to worry about shaving my legs unless I feel like it. I'm hoping that helps, since shaving always seems to reset anything I do to my legs (note: waxing will NEVER be done. ow).

Thank you for all of your suggestions. I'll check in again after a bit if I somehow get rid of the bumps. Thanks!!!
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