I'm trying to recreate a nuclear apocalypse
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I need an audio clip of a nuclear attack warning. Double points go to 50s-style announcer versus EAS computer voice. Triple points go to clips that are free and easy to get. I've got the explosion part, I just need that foreboding warning before it happens. Thanks!
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I saw the Twilight Zone episode "The Shelter" about a month ago and am about 90% sure it has this announcement. It's in the CBS full-length archives... this link may work, but of course YMMV with that session id BS. The synopsis shown there is wrong... it's not UFOs but a nuclear attack.
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Can you be a little more specific with what you're looking for? Vocal? Siren? Etc.?

Also, I'm not sure that nuclear attacks are preceded by things like vocal warnings -- my dad tells stories of old air raid sirens/klaxons during the height of the Cold War for drills in school, but I've never heard of an announcer. (Not saying it doesn't exist, though.)
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Best answer: Here's an announcer describing a warning siren (mp3). More clips here.

Here's a warning siren from 5 miles away. Via.

Not really what you were looking for but it might help.
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I thought I've heard some backgrounds like this in Ministry (Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste) and Coil (Love's Secret Domain) - they were British rather than US though.
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Response by poster: Good call, Damn That Television. I know that vocal warnings of a nuclear attack don't actually exist; it seems like that would be a dumb thing for the government to do. But I'm hoping to find a fictionalized clip of an announcement that the US is undergoing nuclear attack.
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Have you tried searching on archive.org? Will something like "Survival Under Atomic Attack" work for you? You'd have to extract the audio portion.
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Best answer: Oh! Or maybe you can extract something from Atomic Alert?
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Fake nuclear attack alert for New York (computerized announcer)

You can extract the audio here.
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More also at CONELRAD.
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