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I need recommendations on how to find a super-good deal on a romantic, relaxing vacation for two, less than a week ahead of travel time. It has to be within the US (visa reasons). I'm looking for ideas on where to go, but mostly I'm wondering where people find deals on such last-minute trips. I've always been a planner -- help me be impulsive!
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try Site59, or Smarter Living
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I get United E-fares in my mailbox
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The same deal for Delta Web Fares. I would imagine most of the major airlines have similiar programs so signup for the ones that service your local airports. You have to do some checking around. For example, the closest airport to me is Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky (CVG) and Delta has a major hub there and thus a near monopoly on flights. Delta offers 3 - 5 "web fares" that leave Cincinnati each week. American on the other hand only offers Cincinnati -> Dallas Forth-Worth once in a blue moon and that's it.
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Travelzoo is all about the impulse buy and quick bargain. The only problem is that your particular airport may not be a departure point, but if you get on their weekly email update (make sure you check that you don't want spam), you can drool over the $99 cross-country flights or el cheapo vacations in Hawaii.
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You might also take a look around
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