What's the evangelical New York Times?
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What are some popular evangelical periodicals in the U.S. about current events? Bonus points if they have an online archive; super-extra bonus points if the archive goes back before 2006.

I'm looking for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, journals, etc. that report news aimed at an evangelical Christian audience for a paper about whether their press coverage of global warming has changed in the past few years. I don't need magazines about theology, missionary work,etc. I've looked at the Evangelical Press Association but I'm a bit overwhelmed by their lists. I'm having trouble identifying popular periodicals, and many of the ones I do seem to find don't have archives of their articles before 2006. Regional periodicals are fine (but I'd prefer U.S. publications) and I don't care how often new issues come out.
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Charisma magazine:

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WORLD Magazine is a weekly publication, sort of a conservative evangelical Newsweek.
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Christianity Today (it's popular but i don't know about online archives)
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Charisma is good, but pretty specific to Pentecostals and other charismatic Christians (who a substantial group of evangelicals wouldn't associate themselves with).

Focus on the Family has been pretty vocal on the anti global warming front - their Citizen magazine and website might be a good place to start. (There's also been some interesting global warming coverage and debate at The Boundless Line, a FotF ministry aimed at twentysomethings - though I don't think it existed yet in 2006).

You might also check out FotF's radio broadcasts (and other religious radio and TV broadcasts) - in doing research on this kind of thing, I've gotten the impression that radio and TV are much more important outlets than print media for Christian groups.
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Today's Pentecostal Evangel (produced by the Assemblies of God) has online archives back to 1999. Not all of the articles are "current events" but there is a mix of article types. Here is an article about the environment.
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I can't think of periodical that really does this well. If visual media could help, you might try looking at CBN's website. They've mentioned global warming quite a bit.
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I think Christianity Today and WORLD are your best bets.
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World Magazine is a solid bet -- they've been around for quite a while and focus on the news and cultural topics (like the NYT) and have a pretty frequently updated blog as well.
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Thanks for all the help, guys! I got an A on the paper.
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