How do HUGE TGPs add their galleries? Automatically or Manually?
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How do those huge adult TGP's add their new galleries daily? There are like hundreds of different genres on the front page itself, and most of the genres have new galleries daily. Is it done automatically or manually done?

I mean like check out perversius (NSFW!) So like perversius has TONS of new galleries for each category, and not only that, they have a tagging system going on. Ie. If you click on TEEN, u can also further narrow down the search to "TEEN + BUSTY" by further clicking the related tags.

I am doubting they manually add their galleries, but if its automatically done, who does the categorizing for them? Its surprisingly accurate!

Thanks guys :)
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I was doing a little research into this a few years back, and as I understand it the big TGP posts don't have their own content but get the links submitted by other people, because a link on their own content is gaurenteed hits. I would assume that when they submit their sites they tag them themselves. This also would explain why things are often mistagged. Not sure if this is how it is still done.

There were also fake TGP sites, where all the links sent you back to content created by the owner of the TGP, with a certain amount of clicks "skimmed" off and sent to pay sites.
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There are tools and software packages that enable the creators of TGPs to submit their galleries to multiple aggregator sites. Some TGP software even does it itself.. creates the TGP page, submits, etc. There's definitely a lot of automation involved.
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I think a lot of those sites rotate through the content they have rather than just using new stuff. I also have a sneaking suspicion that they're all owned by a couple different groups of people rather than each site having its own management.
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I'm sure you read the wikipedia page.
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It's fairly safe to assume that any such site of any substantial size that is regularly updated uses a whole lot of automation.
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