Federal Cartridge Co Registered Agent in Utah: Please Stand Up
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I need to find the Utah Registered Agent of Federal Cartridge Co. of Anoka, MN.

Utah's search Utility for this is dead

I did find Federal Cartridge's Registered Agent in MN, maybe.

But that company isn't in Anoka. Will the agent for MN be the same in UT?

Thanks Metafilter!
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Best answer: Try this: https://secure.utah.gov/bes/action/index

Doesn't appear they have one in Utah. Check variants of the name?
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Response by poster: Ok w00t, I think I've got it:

So Federal Cartridge is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATK (Alliant Techsystems).

And I think this is them!

If I'm missing anything obvious here, please call me on it.
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Response by poster: Aw crap, that last link didn't work. Is this one in the list: ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS INC.
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Best answer: A note about the listing you found for Federal Cartridge on the MN business site: The address that they have listed there is the "registered office" which is actually the address of the registered agent (CT CORPORATION SYSTEMS) not the business address of Federal Cartridge. Given that the initial filing date is listed as 1922 and the fact that the wiki states that the ammunition company that you're interested in was founded in 1922, I'm betting it's the right one.

Also there's no reason why Federal Cartridge would need a registered agent in Utah unless they actually had an office and/or employees in Utah doing business. For example I found an entry for Federal Cartridge Company registered in NY, but not in CA. Also note that the registered agent in NY is different than the one in MN (well, the company acting as agent is the same, but the address is different).

The ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS entry you found looks to be for the parent company of Federal Cartridge, but you really need to talk to a lawyer to see if it's good enough to serve whatever it is your trying to serve to the parent rather than the actually subsidiary company.
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Response by poster: Thanks to Nanojath-

He sent me the following info, which helped me make the connection with ATK:

I'm pretty sure I don't know what the term "Registered Agent" means in the context of your recent AskMe, so I figured I'd keep this out of the post so as not to muddy the waters if it is redundant or irrelevant information for you. But in case you weren't aware - Federal Cartridge is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATK


Which I always see described as "Edina Based," although its corporate headquarters is actually a Minneapolis Address (Edina is a close suburb of Minneapolis). Anoka is a bit far out to be called a suburb of Minneapolis but it's still in the general vicinity. I think Anoka is just the location of the manufacturing facility for Federal Cartridge. Also, they seem to be rebranding themselves as Federal Premium Ammunition.


If nobody else comes up with better info maybe you can track stuff down through those. Hope it helps.
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Best answer: The Utah registered agent for Reliant Techsystems, Inc. is C T CORPORATION SYSTEM, 136 EAST SOUTH TEMPLE, SUITE 2100, Salt Lake City UT 84111. There is no registered agent for Federal Cartridge Company, and for that matter, I would guess that the company is really Fedeal Cartridge Corporation, and is indeed a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliant Techsystems, Inc., so service on its agent probably serves Federal Cartridge Corporation.

A corporation whose charter is issued in one state, or a foreign company, but wishing to do business in another state, (generally) must name a registered agent for service of process, i.e., taking papers served on the corporation when it's sued in that state. CT Corporation System is the largest agent for service of process in the US. I found their name and address through a search of Utah's secretary of state records.
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