How can I get a copy of an old Wheel of Fortune episode?
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GameShowFilter: 18 years ago my dad was on Wheel of Fortune. Eight years ago while in the process of moving the only copy we have (VHS tape) of that episode was destroyed in a fire. Anyone know of a way to get a copy of the show on DVD or tape (including payment of a small fee)?
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Have you contacted the producers? It's highly unlikely that anyone else will have something that old.
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You could try contacting the Museum of Television & Radio
(warning: actual museum site has a browser pop-up).
Wheel's produced and distributed through Sony Pictures Television; they might be able to help.
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Interesting question. My aunt was on Price of Right once (Reggie Jackson helped her win a fridge, which dates it right there), and I would love to see that show.

But I'm stuck on the tape being destroyed "while moving" AND "in a fire." Did your house burn down while you were moving in?
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GaelFC: My parents were moving and the new home was not quite finished so their belongings were temporarily in a moving company storage facility that, despite being concrete and metal, caught fire. Most of their stuff along with many other people's was either burned or destroyed by the water used to put out the fire.
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The museum wouldn't have the right to give you a copy since it's property of the producers- it would be illegal for them to make you a copy without their permission. And unlike dramas (which are re-run) network affiliate stations likely wouldn't keep a copy of a once-run show that long.

Call either Sony Entertainment or Merv Griffin Productions. You might need to look into this a bit, since I can guarantee you outside of a compulsive fan they're the only people out there who would be able to find you an 8-year old episode of a show.
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I'd be interested in the same thing. I co-worker of mine was on Jeopardy and I'd love to see the episode. Let us know if you find a way to get a copy of old game show episodes.
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You could try Googling or other-search-engine-ing "game show trading" [name of show or show keywords] [first name of contestant]. I found my Jeopardy! episode with this search. Of course, you'd likely have to have something to trade. None of the sites I checked mentioned B&P as an option, but you could always ask.
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Forgot to say I found it with AltaVista after first trying Google.
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Thanks for the leads. I used the contact form on the WoF website, so perhaps that'll be fruitful. Searching Altavista for traders might be an idea except I don't have any tapes to trade back...
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