Gosh, I wonder how it got there?!
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What kind of bird is this?

I did not kill this bird. My wife saw it dead on a NYC street and for some reason took a picture of it. She really wants to know what kind of bird this is.

"What kind of bird is that, Milarepa? I wonder what kind of bird it is. Gosh, how did that bird get there? I wonder what it is!"

Please help.
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Best answer: That would be a woodcock, I believe.

heh, woodcock
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Best answer: Yep, they're pretty identifiable. They're nocturnal so you don't see them so much.
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Best answer: Yes, it's an American Woodcock (Scolopax minor).
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Response by poster: That was quick. Thanks everyone!
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Piggyback question (mods delete if you must)
About 2 years ago and early in the am, I saw a live woodcock down near Wall St at the base of some big glass tower. It had been really windy the night before, so I surmised that it had blown in form the Meadowlands. Could the bird have gotten lost during migration? Is the time of year that they migrate?
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Here's a nice little piece on woodcocks in NYC.
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According to the Cornell site, they are year-round residents from southern Connecticut to points south, so the one you found on Wall St may have been a local resident caught in the storm. Or it may have been migrating through - migration is in the fall and spring.

Tall buildings, and glass towers in particular, are terribly dangerous to birds. Julie Zickefoose had a great piece on NPR recently about bird strikes on buildings in Chicago.
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