What's the provenance of "Oh, snap!"?
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Usually I'm pretty "hep" to the "lingo" you kids use, but will someone tell this clueless geezer the provenance of "Oh, snap!"? (sorry, that's it, no more inside)
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I've never even ever heard of this one before.....does that make me sadder than briank?
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It's an older one; we (in south-side Chicago public schools) said it when I was in grade school over 15 years ago. Seems like it's only recently been assimilated by pop-culture though.
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Ah, I see. One of those "late night television" things I hear so much about. Thank you.
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The term is much older than Urban Dictionary might have you believe. For exmaple, there were these books (full of creative insults and "your mom" jokes) called "Snaps" that were first published in 1994.
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Yeah; I too am thinking that the Urban Dictionary is significantly wrong on this one. Saturday Night Live, my ass.
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I would guess it goes back at least 5+ years as something you exclaim after a joke or put-down. Sorta like the "Booya! you totally got that guy" of 1999.

Also note: we've been saying it for ages (I got mocked for it here)
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I've only noticed it being used with any frequency for the last few months, personally, but I hate not knowing where a catchphrase comes from.
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I think Zoolander helped (re)popularize it a lot. And yeah, matt's right on with the "Booya" idea.
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Snap is also that (revamped) search engine, yo.
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I don't know the exact origin, but it dates back to at least the 80's, as the "Men on Film" skit on In Living Color used "two snaps up!" when they liked a movie.
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I've been wondering about this myself. I've only started hearing it within the last few months or so. I find it really grating and fake for some reason. I think I'm just getting cranky in my not-so-old age. Or, in the words of Abe Simpson:

"I used to be with it, but then they changed what 'it' was. Now, what I'm with isn't it, and what's it seems weird and scary to me."
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Like picea said, it's only hit popular culture in the last, say, 6 months. I'd never heard it before, and I'm always listening for stuff like this that bubbles to the surface of language. I wonder what the intial infection vector was for the surge.
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I have to disagree with the observations that it's emerged in the last 6 months... I've been aware of it for at least 2 years. I think rory might be right in thinking that Zoolander helped mainstream it (although the cool kids were likely saying it prior to that -- much earlier usage notwithstanding).
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pantsfish is the new snap.
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You should probably come get it cause I can't fit my nunchucks in there anymore.
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is it not a southern thing? I thought I recollected hipsters of my acquaintance beginning to use it after they moved to, respectively, Chapel Hill and New Orleans, circa 1990.
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I heard it first in Zoolander.
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It think it originates from hip hop, perhaps as a cleaner way of saying "oh shit"? The earliest instance I can recall was in Biz Markie's "Just a Friend." This glossary also says it's popular among Africans in Dakar and Paris, which is a maddeningly vague explanation.
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i remember saying "oh snap" dozens--if not hundreds of times in 7th grade (1994). it became a pretty popular thing to say in our Ohio private school class.

i've always understood it as a substitute for "Dang."
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More like your snap.

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part of the entrance of "oh snap" into the general vernacular may be due to the wildly-popular-among-its-demographic Aqua Teen Hunger Force, where the phrase has been used in a goodly portion of the shows.
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Does anyone here with an 80's youth remember licking your thumb and bringing it down to your curled fingers whle saying, "Tsssss... take a burn!"

Of course this got bastardized a million ways. Thank the lord for AskMe!
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I remember licking a finger and then pretending to touch someone with it, and going "Tssss - burn!" This always happened after someone got burned (ie, today, "served").

The first pop reference I recall hearing was Jon Stewart. But I'd already been using it a while. Last 4th of July me and some friends rode around the Sunset district of SF with some fun snaps, tossing them out the window at unsuspecting people waiting for the bus. This is peurile, I know, but we'd yell "OH SNAP!" and laugh ourselves silly. Haha. Yes, I'm an asshole and going to hell.

I think the expression is generally used to describe the opening of unabashed hostilities after a tense attempt at polite negotiation of some kind, the figure of speech being that something has been stretched too far, and has finally broken.
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It seems analagous to the '80s Southern California slang exclamation "moded," meaning, "outmoded."
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Oh, I thought that was a bastardization of "demoted," as in "you got demoted."
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For anyone interested in cultural differences.. the word "Snap" has been used in quite a different way in England for years. It all goes back to the card game, 'Snap', where you shout out 'snap!' when someone puts down the same card as you.

As such, you might say "Oh, Snap!" when someone says that something that also applies to you, or perhaps if someone is wearing the same colour shirt and you go 'Snap!'.
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I remember licking a finger and then pretending to touch someone with it, and going "Tssss - burn!" This always happened after someone got burned (ie, today, "served").


You meant "p4wned", right?
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In England this would mean "Oh look, you have the same as I do" but I'm guessing the tone would be very different.
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I am distinctly not street, but I remember hearing that in high school, which was, ahem, significantly more than 2 years ago. 1994 sounds about right to me.
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I was saying Oh Snap right around the sixth or seventh grade in the bad ole 80's. It's at least that old and it's one of the greats. Best said with one hand over the mouth, leaning slightly forward over your center of gravity and with the knees pressed together, your other hand can be used to add flair elements such as pointing or making an "ouch it's hot" jesture. Casual study of Flavor Flav in any pre-ninties PE video will help with your technique.

Oh it also really means like "oh shit" or the variant "oh sit". It can be used when someones gets "burned", but it is really appropriate for almost any expression of surprise or amazement. Kid does a crazy skateboard trick: "Oh Snap!", Kid's sweatpants cold fall down all by themselves in the lunchroom: "Oh snap!".

Rickey Powell (Yo, the Mets are so Spanish right now they got a dude who's first name is Martinez!) called a book of his Hip Hop photography "Oh Snap".
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When I was in elementary school in the DC area in the mid-80's, we used it to mean the same thing as "burn" or "faced".
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yeah, 'oh, snap' is from back in the day, circa like 1991, when those "yo mama" jokes made a big comeback. 'Oh, snap' was the standard reply when someone got something over you...so get to steppin, bitch!

"oh, snap" is also interchangeable with "oh no you didn't". We also used it as a polite way to say "oh, shit". Actually, we never really used 'oh snap' because it's just corny...
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A black kid in the original Rocky movie used it, IIRC. It's pretty old, but only in the past couple years has moved into the mainstream pop-culture.
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I always associated it with the Ricki Lake / drag queen melodramatic three-snaps-in-a-Z-formation gesture. The snap equivalent of "Talk to the hand," I guess. I just assumed "Snap!" was the verbal equivalent.
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