Business projector help?
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My Executive Director wants a fancy new LCD projector. Something small, and with the possibility of direct USB support. He's got this idea that he *should* be able to put a file on a USB key and then just plug it into the projector, and not need a laptop to present. This strikes me as a scary proposition, one fraught with the possibility of failure. The thing is, I only have my own skepticism, no hard experience. Can anyone out there provide stories of experiences with this type of projector? Any pros or cons? Recommended projectors?
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If he wants to show powerpoint presentations on it, then the projector will have to have a copy of Powerpoint loaded onto it. Which means having a copy of Windows loaded onto it. Which, assuming such a thing exists, will mean it'll be pretty expensive compared with others that don't require $hundreds of licences for software...
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Uh yeah but Windows CE & re-coded Open Office?
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Some quick googling says this: Epson EMP-1715c. Might try to find some reviews on it.
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I would be concerned on what happens when someone plugs in a drive with an office 2007 file or wants to run a flash presentation. Or a visio file. Or a project file.
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Also, the only ones Ive seen just play jpeg and mpegs.
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Response by poster: yeah, damn dirty ape, that's kinda the issue I see. I've got a sales rep that is recommending a number of different solutions, but I was hoping to hear if anyone has seen the sort of compatibility issues that I'm afraid of!
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"I am sorry , but projectors don't support that".
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If you want to store your slides on something smaller than a laptop - which you probably already have - then an ipod (via iphoto) might fit the bill - the slides are going to have to be converted into jpegs first.
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